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K.’s 2014 in Music

Throughout the year, I kept a running list in my Notes app of everything that caught my attention and warranted multiple listens. I used that shortlist mostly to keep track of what came out this year, but also to begin developing my final list at year’s end. That list is below.

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K.’s Favorite Albums of 2013

Image“In ceasing to care about most things, I have likewise ceased to suffer in many ways. There is a real restfulness in the scientific conviction that nothing matters very much; that the only legitimate aim of humanity is to minimise acute suffering for the majority, and to derive whatever satisfaction is derivable from the exercise of the mind in the pursuit of truth.” 
– H.P. Lovecraft

I won’t pretend I was on top of my game this year, but then, it hardly matters. I hope I’m finally on the verge of quieting whatever egotism compels me to present a self-concept via these lists, instead focusing on sharing the art that has most deeply amplified the meaning of my life. 2013 was my most challenging, meaningful, and positive year yet. I learned and I grew. I enjoyed and exhausted myself. I have higher, more focused hopes for the future than ever before.

Having said that, if you are a person with whom I’ve connected enough to feel compelled to read this, I thank you. I hope at least one thing described below is able to create the meaningful memories for you that it did for me in 2013.

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E.’s Favorite Albums & Tracks of 2012

Back in 2010, my homie Kyle asked me to throw together a top ten list of songs just for kicks. This is my third annual list, and we now run a blog that Atlanta Magazine, The Fader, and SBNation follow. It’s our weekend war, and you’re welcome to check it out. For now, here are my favorite albums and songs from 2012 (click-through the titles for a choice cut from each album): Continue reading

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K.’s Favorite Tracks of 2012

Though most of my favorite tracks this year (“Pyramids,” “I’ve Seen Footage,” “Apocalypse Dreams,” “The Symbol,” “Revival Mode“) were standouts on my favorite albums, I wanted to avoid rehashing that list in any way. Instead, here are my favorite singles released into the online ether, as well as other choice cuts.  Continue reading

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