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E.’s Favorite Albums & Tracks of 2012

Back in 2010, my homie Kyle asked me to throw together a top ten list of songs just for kicks. This is my third annual list, and we now run a blog that Atlanta Magazine, The Fader, and SBNation follow. It’s our weekend war, and you’re welcome to check it out. For now, here are my favorite albums and songs from 2012 (click-through the titles for a choice cut from each album): Continue reading

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On Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”


As part of my rundown of my favorite albums and tracks of 2012, I described at length what moved me about Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE. In particular, I reserved my highest praise for its epic ten-minute centerpiece “Pyramids,” which I posited is arguably one of the greatest achievements in the recent history of pop music. To avoid cluttering a list about whole albums, I decided to move to a separate space where I could parse out the thoughts I’ve been fumbling to articulate since first hearing it. Read said thoughts after the jump. Continue reading

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K.’s Favorite Live Shows of 2012

I missed far more shows than I caught this year, so I hope to do better with that in 2013. Of the sets I did manage to catch this year, these were my favorite. All locations in Atlanta unless otherwise noted. Continue reading

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K.’s Favorite Tracks of 2012

Though most of my favorite tracks this year (“Pyramids,” “I’ve Seen Footage,” “Apocalypse Dreams,” “The Symbol,” “Revival Mode“) were standouts on my favorite albums, I wanted to avoid rehashing that list in any way. Instead, here are my favorite singles released into the online ether, as well as other choice cuts.  Continue reading

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